Los Angeles Art Gallery Website Design

Artist Renee Resner

Los Angeles

This month, I had the unique opportunity to rework an extremely talented Los Angeles Illustrator's web site by the name of Renee Reeser. Renee was looking for a very image-out-front, now-today design that would showcase her diverse talent in illustration. What made this project so enjoyable was her vast portfolio of work and the wide spectrum of projects she has been involved with.

Knowing her clientele, who are always on the run, we wanted to develop a website that would be fully responsive, having the ability to resize and reconfigure its visual content on any mobile device and also present her illustration artwork in a intuitive user format.

The resulting web site is beautiful example of form and function, with her artwork providing the form and the HTML5 CSS3 web design providing seamless function.

Visit Renee Resner.

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